Funfit Fam

Terms and Conditions

 (“I” or “me”), as a participant in the Fun Fit Family Retreat program (the “Program”) and organized by White City Events, (“Organizer”) hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. Photo/Video Release. Use of Photographs: I understand that the Program will be documented by video and still photography, and hereby grant the Organizer permission to use photographs taken of me during the Program for promotional purposes, for the creation of professional visual or audio content or to be used in the media and/or to be uploaded to the internet. I agree to permit the Organizer to use photo, video footage, and quotes taken within the Program and to be used at the discretion of the Organizer without compensation. I understand that the materials in which my name, quotes, photographs, etc. may appear will not include my address or the name of my current or past employer(s), and that this information will not be disclosed to third parties in the course of preparing the information for posting or publishing. I understand that this permission is perpetual in time and that it encompasses, without limitation, any copyright or right of publicity or privacy that I may have in my name, quotes, articles, photographs, video, etc.

2. My Condition. I represent that I am in good health, have no physical, mental, or emotional conditions that affect my ability to travel and/or participate in any of the activities involved in this Program, or that may cause a danger to myself and/or to others involved in the Program, and have not been advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. In this regard, I have completed an Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form. I understand and agree that Company is in no way responsible for any costs or medical care associated with any injury or illness I sustain. I have personal medical insurance coverage, which will be valid in all countries included in the Program throughout the period of the Program.

3. My Conduct. I am fully responsible for my individual conduct, health, and safety at all times. I agree that at all times I will follow the directions of Company personnel accompanying the Program in all matters in connection with the Program and will comply with all legal requirements of any country visited during the Program. I am responsible for my own passport, visas, immunizations, or any other requirement for travel to destinations involved in the Program.

4. Removal from Program. I agree that Company has the right to remove me from the Program if: (a) my acts, words, or conduct are, in Company’s sole determination, detrimental to or incompatible with the interests, purpose, goals, or welfare of the Company, the Program, or other participants in the Program; (b) I provided incorrect or false information regarding any portion of my application or at any time during the application process; (c) I fail to participate in any portion of the Program; (d) I use or possess illegal drugs; (e) I engage in illegal or excessive use or possession of alcohol; (f) I conduct acts of violence or vandalism; (g) I fail to disclose, or disclose inaccurate, medical information; (h) I fail to comply with any rules or regulations imposed by the Company, or their employees, servants, and agents, including but not limited to, all terms and conditions of this agreement; or (i) I fail to comply with the laws of all applicable governmental authorities where I am present as part of the Program. I acknowledge that if I am removed from the Program or if I leave the Program on my own volition I will be responsible for all expenses I incur from the date of removal or departure, including accommodations as well as for the original cost of my airfare and of the return to my point of origin. The Company reserves the right to determine the date and time of my return flight. Furthermore I will be responsible to reimburse the Company for any expenses they may incur as a result of my committing any acts or omissions for which I may be removed from the Program, or leaving early on my own volition, including but not limited to, the full costs of my participation in the Program as well as all direct and indirect damage caused thereby.

5. Assumption of Risks. I acknowledge that my participation in any activities related or unrelated to the Program, including but not limited to physical activities and travel, may be subject to certain hazards, including but not limited to death, injury, illness, disease, discomfort, and property loss, damage, or theft from any cause, including but not limited to natural causes, acts of terrorism or war, kidnapping or other criminal activity, fire, explosion, vermin, falling objects, weather conditions or events, transportation malfunctions or incidents, or other similar or dissimilar causes; and further that I am voluntarily participating in the Program and these activities, that I understand the dangers and all risks involved, and that I voluntarily assume all said risks.

I hereby acknowledge and accept the inherent risks involved in winter sports; I hereby agree to ski, snowboard, sled or ice skate at a level appropriate to my skills to ensure my own safety and the safety of others; I hereby accept full responsibility for, and release Program and Company and/or any of its staff from, all liability for any injuries or damages whatsoever arising from my participation.

6. Company’s Responsibility. I acknowledge that Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever, and shall not be held responsible for the operation, safety, and management of any of the facilities, classrooms, restaurants, hotels, buildings, lodging, vehicles, airplanes, buses, or any other mode of transportation, housing, nourishment, entertainment, or shelter which may be utilized in connection with the Program and/or any extension of my travel outside of the itinerary or scope of the Program or for any damage or claim arising therefrom or in connection therewith.

7. Release and Waiver. I agree to and do hereby forever release and discharge Company; the respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated entities and/or financial supporters of Company; the service providers for the Program and their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated entities (including hotels, airlines, bus companies, taxicabs, restaurants, tour providers, museums, docents, and other service providers); the officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, trustees, contractors, and subcontractors of any of the foregoing; the successors, heirs, and assigns of any of the foregoing; and any person or entity claiming by, through, or under any of the foregoing (collectively “Company Group”) of and from every right, claim, judgment, liability, action, cause of action, suit, debt, controversy, tort, restitution, fines, interest, fees (including attorney and expert witness fees), expenses, costs (including court costs), damages, demands or proceedings whatsoever in law, tort, or in equity (“Claims”) arising out of or related to my participation in the Program and any personal travel or any other activities I may undertake whether within or outside the scope of the Program which I (or my heirs or assigns, or anyone acting on behalf of or through me or my heirs or assigns) ever had, have, or may hereafter have against the Company Group.

8. Indemnification. I agree to and shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Company Group from and against any and all Claims arising out of or related to my participation in the Program and any personal travel or any other activities I may undertake whether within or outside the scope of the Program, whether resulting from my own or any other individual’s or entity’s negligence or willful misconduct, acts of war/ terrorism, warlike actions, criminal conduct, acts of God, or otherwise, regardless of whether the liability therefor is based upon the negligence, fault, or strict liability of Company Group or any latent or patent defect in any premises.

9. Miscellaneous. This document constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between Company and myself regarding the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, or agreements, either written or oral. The language of all parts of this document shall in all cases be construed as a whole, according to its fair meaning, and not strictly for or against any of the parties. In the event any portion(s) of this document should be found to be unenforceable in any respect then this document shall be deemed to be automatically amended to the minimum extent necessary in order to render such portion(s) enforceable, and all other provisions hereof shall remain fully valid and enforceable despite the unenforceable and/or deemed amendment of other parts hereof. I hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and/or state courts located in Tel Aviv, Israel in connection with any dispute concerning this document.

10.Coronavirus (covid-19)- I acknowledge the contagious nature of the covid-19 virus and I voluntarily assume the risk that I might be exposed to or infected by Covid-19 during the retreat.

I commit to cancel my participation at the retreat if at any time during the 7 days leading to the retreat I will experience any of the symptoms related to the Coronavirus (as detailed by the Israeli Ministry of Health: or receive a positive answer in a Coronavirus test.

11. I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that I have winter sport insurance coverage for ski, snowboard, sledding and ice skating; and that this insurance coverage includes return flight/continued medical care in my country of origin.

12. I hereby agree to abide by the following rules regarding the hotel dining room and food:

 – No utensils or dishes are to be taken out of the dining room.

– No cooked food is to be taken out of the dining room.

– No food cooked outside the hotel premises is allowed inside the dining room.

– Food without a recognized and acceptable hechsher is NOT allowed in the dining room. If I am unsure about the kashrut of the food please refer to one of the Program organizers for authorization.

13. The Fun Fit Family retreat is an off the grid program in order to ensure a break from routine and a real vacation. We encourage our guests to be present and socially engaged and limit use of cell phones and tablets, especially during activities and meals. We will designate specific areas for emails and work calls, should you need to have some stuff done.

14. The package includes: Hotel stay, Dinner on Sunday, 2 served meal + 1 packed lunch Monday-Friday, Shabbat meals, kids activities and workshops. Ski rental, ski lifts, ski classes and transfers will be charged and managed directly by the operators.

15. Cancellation terms:

Free cancellation 90 days before retreat starts

50% of total amount of the stay up to 30 days before retreat starts 

100% of total amount of the stay after 30 days before retreat starts